One of the rarest box, by French artist Line Vautrin (1913-1997), decorated with a poem by Jacques Prévert. Complete with vanity mirror underneath the flap and original canvas. « Je suis allé au marché aux oiseaux-Et j’ai acheté des oiseaux- Pour toi-Mon amour-Je suis allé au marché aux fleurs-Et j’ai acheté des fleurs-Pour toi-Mon amour-Je suis allé au marché à la ferraille- Et j’ai acheté des chaines-De lourdes chaines-Pour toi-Mon amour- Et puis je suis allé au marché aux esclaves-Et je t’ai cherchée-Mais je ne t’ai pas trouvée-Mon amour. »

Circa 1945
Gilded bronze
Diam : 8,5 cm/3,5 inches
H : 1,4 cm/0,5 inches
Markings : stamped Line Vautrin

Price on request

Line Vautrin

(1913 – 1997)

Line Vautrin was a French jewelry maker, designer, and decorative artist. Best known for her uncategorizable manufacture of objects and jewelry, Vautrin’s practice involved ideas of symbolism and goldsmithing. Characterized by hieroglyphic-like shapes, intricate lines, visual alliteration, and the extensive use of yellow gold, her work was both elegant and innovative. Born on April 28, 1913 in Paris, France into a family of metal workers, she created most of her mid-century Modernist pieces through the process of experimentation, achieving popularity after her involvement in the Paris International Exhibition in 1937. She enjoyed prosperity and acclaim within ornament and jewelry spheres until her death in Paris, France on April 12, 1997.

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