Line Vautrin

The "Poetess of Metal" so called by American Vogue in 1948. 

 Her pieces have become highly collected for non-negligible prices in worldwide auction houses.

She designed jewellery and boxes with poetic decorations, using bronze, an industrial material that she enlighten with gold and/or silver.

She took her inspiration from mythological figures, popular culture  as well as poetry by Rimbaud,  Apollinaire...  to emotional love declarations, using symbolic word and  rebuses. 

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LV03 Line Vautrin
LV23 Line Vautrin
LV22 Line Vautrin bracelet
Line Vautrin
Line Vautrin Roi Soleil, Roi Lion
Line Vautrin rebus box
Line Vautrin
Line Vautrin
Rare early Line Vautrin necklace
LINE VAUTRIN box A Dechiffrer A l'égal de mon Coeur
Line Vautrin bracelet DANTE
Line Vautrin bronze bracelet
Line Vautrin