Georg Jensen 1950/70

Modernism in design and architecture emerged in the aftermath of the First World War and the Russian Revolution – a period when the artistic avant-garde dreamed of a new world free of conflict, greed and social inequality. It was not a style but a loose collection of ideas. Many different styles can be characterised as Modernist, but they shared certain underlying principles: a rejection of history and applied ornament; a preference for abstraction; and a belief that design and technology could transform society. (V&A museum London)

In the 1950/70 Scandinavian design with his simplicity of forms was of a great influence all over the world.

 Georg Jensen from Copenhagen was not only one of the best Scandinavian silversmith but also collaborate with the designers of their time, promoting and encouraging them to make a name of their own

We present a large selection of Georg Jensen modernist jewellery in our gallery. 

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Ibe Dahlquist for Georg Jensen
Arno Malinowski silver necklace
Nanna and Jorgen Ditzel articulated necklace for Georg Jensen
Nanna Ditzel necklace for Georg Jensen
Nanna Ditzel bracelet for Georg Jensen
Kim Naver for Georg Jensen silver bracelet # 259
Arno Malinowski silver bracelet
Nanna and Jorgen Ditzel articulated bangle
Georg Jensen silver bracelet # 210 by Steffen Andersen
Vivianna Torun neckring and pendant  for Georg Jensen
Ibe Dahlquist for Georg Jensen
Bracelet Georg Jensen Astrid Fog
Bracelet Modernist Georg Jensen Kim Naver